Friday, February 26, 2016

Vogue Rocks Designs-BALC Master Class-2nd Blog Hop of 3

Well here we are, blog hop #2
So what have I learned..............a lot! Brenda our wonderful mentor has really made me think about what I am. My choices were Hobbyist, Maker, or Designer. Hmm....... I really wasn't sure about this, and truthfully still not. I love to make jewelry and I do sell some, but I absolutely do not like the business end of it all. This is why I took this class to see if I want to turn it into a full fledged, full time business. I am really enjoying the class, Although I don't comment a lot, but I am listening. I am going to be more engaged these next couple of weeks. I have learned sticking to a schedule is a lot harder than I thought. Well more on that later. Here are a few components that I am using in my "Shades of Purple" line.
A beautiful Mess! This is what I keep telling myself anyway! I do have the one thing that is required, you see my coffee cup, COFFEE!!!
 Here are a few more
{A few more tricks of the trade}
Here is a small sampling of my "Shades Of Purple" line, just a morsel.......
Don't worry there will be a banquet on our next and final hop!
Violet and Amethyst Fairy Earrings
So this is some of my color inspiration, now I would love you to see what everyone else is up to. So down below you will find the names of all of the participants for the hop. Please before you go, I would greatly appreciate a comment and I know my classmates will too. Happy hopping :D

Brenda Sue Lansdowne Jewelry Making Outside the Box